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Unfolding the Story Behind Jacobien Vink’s Brand Book:
A Blend of Art, Business and Vibrant Energy
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    Hello world!

    As the founder and creative director behind my own brand, Jacobien Vink, I am delighted to guide you through the inspirations and thought process that brought my brand book to life. Crafting my brand book was a reflective process, one that encapsulated my identity, passions, and the cities that shaped my professional journey: Amsterdam, Paris, and Lausanne.

    The Emblem of Connection

    Central to my brand book is the logo—a union of semi-circles and circles. The interconnected circles symbolize unity, collaboration, and a shared purpose. Some semi-circles intersect, forming crosses—a nod to my Amsterdam roots, represented in its flag.

    Tribute to the Cities of My Journey

    The crosses and semi-circles in my logo are not just abstract shapes; they tell the story of my journey across Amsterdam, Paris, and Lausanne. The semi-circles echo the crescents seen in the coat of arms of Paris and Lausanne, while the crosses pay tribute to Amsterdam. It is a design that pays homage to the cultures and experiences that have shaped me professionally.

    Color of Growth and Harmony

    Color plays a significant role in the design of my brand book. I have chosen green, the color of growth, as it reflects my commitment to personal and professional development. Complementing green is my favorite color, orange, symbolizing harmony—a value I hold dear in both my work and personal life.

    Blending Art with Business

    At the heart of my brand is the belief in the power of merging art with business. This combination allows for innovative ideas, unique solutions, and a fresh perspective on traditional business practices. The incorporation of art within my brand book reflects this ethos, fostering a sense of creativity and free-thinking.

    Vibrant Energy

    The vivid colors used in my brand book encapsulate my personality: energetic, vibrant, and unafraid to stand out. I firmly believe that this zest for life and work should be noticeable in everything I do. Whether I’m organizing an event, building a marketing strategy, or crafting a unique brand story, my work will always make an impact—in quality, idea, and execution.

    Discover more about my brand and delve deeper into the creative journey in my brand book.

    Thank you for taking this journey with me. Whether I’m organizing a world-class event or launching a creative campaign, I promise to bring my unique blend of art, business acumen, and vibrant energy to every project.


    Jacobien Vink