As the co-founder of MAJA MERCADO, I’ve had the privilege of shaping its visual identity. From creating the primary logo to adapting it with each edition to capture the essence of the location. I’ve designed the website and curated our Instagram, ensuring consistency in art direction across all platforms.

Via Pura
Thrilled to have translated and designed the ‘Sentiers de l’Arbre de Vie’ book for the French market, I’m now managing its promotion and sales in France. Through this card deck, Esther van Blijdesteijn’s holistic vision offers 66 Kabbalah-inspired paths for personal and spiritual growth. I’m handling social media to spread the word so more people can benefit from its wisdom. Check it out on our website or Instagram!

Crafted a lively, color-infused design for BrainBrothers’ summer package, mirroring the vibrant spirit of the season. My choice of a vivid palette pays homage to the summer vibe, celebrating the hard work of all the temp workers and freelancers.

With a turnout of 2,067 visitors on Saturday and a spectacular 2,465 on Sunday, we were blown away. The castle buzzed with life – artisanal crafts and shopping from the most creative entrepreneurs, hands-on workshops, gourmet food and fine wines, all set to the soundtrack of live music. And as a final touch, the sun graced us on our closing day!

A heartfelt thanks to Your Little Black Book , Bende van Bart , Het Parool , and all the influencers who shined a light on our event. Your support helped create a perfect blend of heritage and creativity.

Captured by the best Puck Veen

Muiderslot Wintermarkt

The Winter Market at Muiderslot, part of the Winter Castle event! Maxime and I have poured our hearts into organizing, curating exhibitors, and promoting this unique gathering. Our collaboration with the Muiderslot team has transformed the historic castle into a vibrant hub of artisanal craftsmanship and community spirit during the winter season. A special fusion of heritage and creativity!

Visuals by the talented Atelier Partagé

Training Day
Teaming up with Training Day for their social media overhaul, I’ve led their rebranding and am now managing Instagram and TikTok. To boost community engagement, I organized “Round at the Parc,” a free event that brought together fitness enthusiasts for an epic outdoor session. This is just the start of our exciting journey to help clients crush their personal goals!

Introducing the visual identity crafted for USC & UVSV’s Ski trip, where the theme ‘PARALLEL’ takes center stage. It’s been a thrilling experience to shape the logo and curate the merchandise, ensuring that every detail echoes the spirit of this theme.

4NG Group
Celebrating 4NG’s rise to Platinum Global Partner with a bespoke card and wine box design. Every detail crafted, from concept to print-ready deliverables, ensuring our clients feel the exclusivity. Here’s to impactful designs and memorable partnerships!

Poseidon Food
With Poseidon Food, I’ve revitalized their Instagram and LinkedIn presence to emphasize their premium seafood imports and exports for the wholesale market. I’ve helped develop a luxurious brand identity through product photography and high-end brochures that stand out at trade shows and events. By curating visually striking content and telling compelling brand stories, I’ve positioned Poseidon as a leader in luxury seafood. Now managing their social media, we keep our network informed and engaged.