As a creative all-rounder, she offers a wealth of expertise in art direction, graphic design and event planning. She bridges the gap between brands and global artists, tailoring each project to tell compelling narratives.

Art Direction

Guiding the visual aspect of a project, Jacobien brings her artistic acumen to the forefront. Whether it’s for an ad campaign, a brand launch, or a book cover, she ensures each artistic element tells your story.


  • Logo Creation
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Communication Support

Content Creation

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography Collaboration
  • Content Writing

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creation & Management of Platforms
  • Content Creation

Graphic Design

Tailoring to each brand’s unique essence, Jacobien crafts a fusion of creativity and professionalism. From all-encompassing rebranding to specific design projects, she enhances your visual narrative.

Graphic Design

  • Custom Art and Book Cover Design
  • Packaging

Website Design and Development

  • Website Design
  • Web Development

Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing and Planning
  • Advertising and Emailing

Event Organization

Jacobien Vink, experienced in the art and food industry, manages and organizes artistic projects and events. She connects clients with custom creative solutions, aligning with their unique identities and goals. Collaborating with global artists, she enhances their visibility through strategic partnerships.

Project and Event management

  • End-to-end Project Management
  • Fostering Global Artist Collaborations
  • Executing Tailored Events

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