Art Direction, Graphic Design &
Event Organization

Jacobien Vink blends creativity and organizational expertise in a unique way. By integrating design, creativity, and marketing, she successfully crafts narratives for brands, allowing them to share their unique stories in an engaging manner. Her artistic talents are harmoniously complemented by her notable organizational skills, creating an invaluable balance in her professional approach.

Actively engaged in projects across dynamic cities like Amsterdam, Lausanne, and Paris, Jacobien showcases her ability to thrive in various cultural environments. Her work reflects these global influences, adding a multicultural layer to her creative endeavors.

Art Direction

Guiding the visual aspect of a project, Jacobien brings her artistic acumen to the forefront. Whether it’s for an ad campaign, a brand launch, or a book cover, she ensures each artistic element tells your story.

Graphic Design

Tailoring to each brand’s unique essence, Jacobien crafts a fusion of creativity and professionalism. From all-encompassing rebranding to specific design projects, she enhances your visual narrative.

Event organization

Jacobien bridges the art and business sectors with her expertise in managing and organizing artistic events. Her global collaborations and strategic partnerships amplify artist visibility and resonate with your identity and objectives.

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